Warg Grimskull is a wolf and the younger brother of Derek.


Warg is a large, well-muscled wolf with brownish-gray fur, green eyes, and a beard. He wears a blue tunic trimmed with brown, green-brown pants, and dark brown boots with orange tops. He also has studded armbands, a belt buckle with the Grimskull crest on it, and a belt crossing his chest, which holds his sword.


Opposite of his brother, Warg uses brawn rather than brain. He prefers to just charge into battle and kill everybeast, without much of a plan. He is very cruel and loves to kill for fun and cause pain. He goes along with Derek's plans, however, because he knows they are better than his, and usually will not kill somebeast without the go-ahead from his older brother.


  • He is based on Ryker Grimborn. ;P
  • He is named after the Wargs from The Hobbit. (But you prob'ly already figgered that out. ;))


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