Tumbley is a lone wanderer, traveling the world in search of new adventures and experiences to include in his growing repertoire of songs and riddles. After meeting Flinn Furrit, he chose to be her traveling companion, and eventually became her best friend.


Tumbley has brown velvety fur and bright eyes. He wears a grass green homespun tunic, with a brown leather belt, and keeps a silver butter knife in a sheath at his waist. He carries a bulging sack slung across his right shoulder.


Tumbley is a care-free optimist, full of energy and youthful innocence. He enjoys wandering freely in the woodlands, singing songs and reciting riddles of his own creation, and playing and bathing in water. He greatly admires the tough and resourceful Flinn Furrit, and often imitates her expressions and gestures.

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