Tuffpaw is a squirrel in Defenders of Redwall and the twin brother of Ruffpaw. He likes to goof off with her and is not the sharpest sword in the armory, but he is funny.


Tuff wears a plain green tunic. Later, he added red pants, blue-topped boots, and brown arm bracers to his outfit.

In the second book, he wears a long sleeved green tunic, with yellow underneath, and his same pants and boots.

In Hero's Destiny, his tunic changes to a blue one, over a green long sleeved one. His pants are now dark green.


Though he is not known for being the brightest of beasts, Tuff is actually a brilliant prankster, along with his sister. Most of the time he just chooses not to think, but he can come up with some smart ideas if he needs to. He loves violence and pain, often asking Ruff to hit him or doing it himself, just for fun.



Though Tuff and his sister fight almost constantly, like any brother and sister, they really do love and care about each other, though they don't like to admit it. Tuff often asks Ruff to hit him or hurt him in some way, because he likes it, and she does so with pleasure.


Tuff, along with Ruff, has never been very nice to Hiccup, but just because he is so easy to prank and get away with it. Once he has earned their respect though, they are very loyal, even if it might not seem so sometimes.


Grublegs is even easier to prank than Hiccup, so the tubby mole is usually the victim of their tricks.


  • He is based on Tuffnut Thorston, of course.
  • In some pictures his eyes are blue, but this is a mistake. They are supposed to be brown. ><