Note: This is a fanon version of a canon character. The canon character's page is here:[1]

Swiffo is a young Rogue Crew otter, the youngest son of Skor.


Swiffo is a tall, slim young otter, with blond headfur and brown eyes. He wears a yellow tunic trimmed with blue, green pants, brown boots with gray fur tops, and a gray fur vest and red bracelets.


Swiffo is very different from a normal Rogue Crew otter, being more polite, quiet, and peaceful. He does not like to fight unless really necessary, though he is very capable of defending himself, and would rather not carry a weapon. He can be a little reckless at times though.

Skills and Abilities

He is much stronger than he looks, and a fairly good fighter, though he only defends himself if he really needs to. He is a very fast runner, and can run for long distances, as well as being very agile and has quick reflexes, helping him in a battle.