Ruffpaw is a squirrel in Defenders of Redwall and the twin sister of Tuffpaw.


Ruff is a red-furred squirrelmaid with brown eyes, wearing a purple dress. Later, she added arm bracers, leggings and boots to her outfit, as well as a mace.

In Stormy Friendship, she wears a light pink long sleeved dress under a dark purple one. Her boots are dark blue with brown tops.

In the third book, she wears a purple sleeveless dress over a yellow one with half sleeves.


Like her brother, Ruff is known for not being too bright, but she is at least a bit smarter than him. She likes to inflict pain on Tuff and sometimes tricks him into it, which isn't too hard.



Though Ruff and her brother fight almost constantly, like any brother and sister, they really do love and care about each other, though they don't like to admit it. When ever Tuff asks Ruff to hit him or hurt him in some way, she will do so gladly.


Ruff, along with Tuff, has never been very nice to Hiccup, but just because he is so easy to prank and get away with it. Once he has earned their respect though, they are very loyal, even if it might not seem so sometimes.


Grublegs is even easier to prank than Hiccup, so the tubby mole is usually the victim of their tricks.


Dewrose and Ruff have never been the best of friends, as she and her brother are often pranking Dewrose, who thinks they are just idiots. The two girls can get along if they need to, though.


After the first incedent with Torwin in the cave,Ruff thought Dagru was awesome and adorable, and had a crush on him, which weirded him out.


  • She is based on Ruffnut Thorston, of course.
  • In some pictures, her eyes are blue, but that is just my mistake, they're supposed to be brown. I don't know how I did that. ><