Rosebrush is a spunky, bright, red fox with the most elaborate tail brush ever seen. She commonly wears a feather-covered, wide-brimmed straw hat, a loose purple dress and a black belt.  She wields a basket-hilted fencing rapier.


Rosebrush the Foxmaid, by User:Vaylayna the Shade

The Foxmaid originally came from Southsward, a rumor saying she was related to the Foxwolf and Queen Silvamord. Leaving the lands, Rosebrush travelled towards Salamandastron with a band of other refugees. At Salamandastron, she turned traitor upon her own kind and warned Lord Mandoral of the plot to kill him minutes before it happened. Afterwards, she was held as almost legendary among the Long Patrol, and it was there that she learned the many hidden tricks of a fencer, some which she secretly enjoyed turning into almost torture-moves. After leaving Salamandastron in favor of traveling, Rosebrush wandered up and down Mossflower Country, occasionally returning to the mountain fortress. After some time, she returned with a request for a hare to accompany her to Redwall, a place she had originally avoided because of her species. After some troubles, Vaylayna the Shade was singled out and the two made their way towards Redwall.