Patchrunner is a Head Galloper of the Long Patrol, in charge of assigning routes to the lower Gallopers and making sure the routes are carried out. He is sandy-furred with darker patches here and there, but a white under-throat. Although he has a similar accent to most other hares, it is not as broad.

He was born and raised at Salamandastron, trained as a Galloper for exceptionally strong legs and his good memory for landmarks.

He was impressed by the speed with which Vaylayna the Shade made her way up the Galloper ranks in the short time she was there, and was sorry she left. Afterwards, Patchrunner was among the few who stayed at Salamandastron, while Lord Mandoral left to Green Isle with Skipper Banjon's Otter Crew on the Fearless Frunk.

Because of so, he was one of the defenders of Salamandastron who had to fight back alone against Cherowna Redfang.

Patchrunner survived through the battle and was there when Lord Mandoral returned.