Olivia is a young ottermaid of Southsward. She lives at Castle Floret as a ward.


Olivia is a golden-furred young ottermaid with green eyes. She wears a light pink dress with long sleeves and purple over-sleeves that hang down from her arms, and a dark blue belt. She also has a light blue head covering with a dark blue band, purple shoes with blue straps, and a blue necklace with a golden heart shaped locket around her neck.



Flinn and Olivia have been close friends since they were Dibbuns, and as they grew older they fell in love. But when Flinn was outlawed from Castle Floret, Olivia was upset, feeling betrayed, thinking he had actually done something bad, when he was actually outlawed wrongly. He didn't realize she was angry with him, and couldn't understand what was wrong when he met her again but wouldn't talk to him. Once she told him, though, he explained that he had been wrongly accused, and she apologized and forgave him.