Illusion is a black weasel- though is undefined if she is full weasel, and may be a mixed species. She is known to help those who she chooses, acting as a spy and often a traitor to accomplish her goals, though overall for a good purpose. Hardened by emotional pain, she seems to show little emotion, and can seem compassionate at times. However, deep down, she has the heart of a wood-lander.

If she had grown up in a different setting, perhaps she would have been much better.

History- N/A

Appears in: A Twisted Reality

Featured Story: In progress

Friends: Though Illusion, better known as Lus to anyone but herself and her kin, seems to not have friends, she considers Riah and Zevquain her friends in a sense. Another friend she had in her past was a ratmaid named Anita, who is deceased.

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As you can probably tell from the categories, Lus has had quite a variety of occupations; corsair, barmaid, and seer, maybe even more?