Henri Claystrype is a young Southswardian badger inventor. 


Henri is a slim, smallish badger with blue-gray eyes and brown headfur. He wears a blue shirt with the patched sleeves rolled up to his elbows, one corner never tucked into his patched brown pants. He has dark brown boots and a pouch at his side in which he carries his sketchbook and pencils. He also has a tendency to always be covered in charcoal smears and has a big scar on his left paw, which is wrapped in a bandage.


Henri lived in a small village in Southsward, but none of the other villagers like his inventions because they were dangerous and usually blew up or fell apart. Some even thought he worked with magic. So he mostly kept to himself, until Irgashian pirates attacked the village and took him prisoner along with most of the others. Braggio, who was leading the raid, found out about Henri's inventing skills and forced him to make several dangerous weapons for his ships.