Grublegs is a mole, and one of the six in A Hero's Journey. He loves books and is scared of heights, water, the dark, and many other things.


Grublegs is a tubby mole with friendly brown eyes. He wears a plain brown tunic, and later boots and dark green pants. He almost always carries his backpack with him, filled with books.

In the second book, his tunic is yellow, with a brown vest over it. He also has brown armbands. His pants and boots are the same as before, except he has added some leather strips wrapped around his boots.

In the third book, his tunic is dark green and his pants are blue, with a red bracelet on one arm.


Grublegs is normally very sweet and nice, and quiet, however, if he gets angry enough, (and he has to be very angry) he has been known to go a little berserk. He normally does not like to fight though, which makes the others think he is scared of everything. This is sort of true, though, because he is scared of heights, water, (like any normal mole) the dark, and many other things. He loves reading and carries a book with him almost everywhere, often reading while walking.