Greyflint is a large rat, former captain of the Sea Slayer, and current captain and master thief of the Grey Crew.


Greyflint has grey fur, a long grey tail, and black eyes. He wears a dark brown tunic, with a black belt and a sword in a black scabbard.


The "Cap'n" is known for being ill-tempered, and his mood tends to change swiftly. While at sea, he lost his ship and first crew, in a deadly encounter with a sea dragon. This event enraged and maddened Greyflint, and constantly drives him to find the mysterious Fourstones that he claims will give him (and his new crew) the power of the dragons. Flint learned of the stones from an ancient dragon crown he found, and is now obsessed with. He will not rest until all four stones are his to control.


The Crew of the Sea Slayer

  • Flint often tells the tale of how he lost his first crew, a wild assortment of vermin, mainly searats. Their individual names are never mentioned in Flint's stories.

The Grey Crew

  • This crew consists of four beasts Greyflint rescued from the island prison called Port Rottscum. They are Stingpaw the healer fox, Deathfur the assassin weasel, Nightfang the illusionist stoat, and Ragebeak the mad crow. Unlike his first crew, these four assist Greyflint in his quest to find and steal the Fourstones. They are motivated by obligation and the promise of living a life free to go and do as they please, so long as they stay loyal to Flint.

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