Flinn Streambattle is a young otter who lives in Southsward.


Flinn is a tall, slim young river otter with blue eyes and white fur on his face and chest. He wears a bright green tunic over a dark green one, with a dark green hood. He wears boots wound with leather, leather armguards, and a green fingerless glove on his right paw. He has a sword on his left side, a dagger on his left, a quiver on his back, and a green cap with a long red feather stuck in it.


Flinn is irrepressably cocky and optimistic most of the time, and will laugh at anybeast or anything, even himself. He is charming, generous, and selfless, and greatly loved by all his friends. He is also quite a prankster, and will take any chance to play a good trick, even if it risks his life. He can be a bit impulsive at times, though, and even reckless and rebellious.

Skills and Abilities

Flinn is athletic, quick on his feet, and a fairly good sword fighter. His strong point is definitely his archery. He is known as the best archer in Southsward, though he will often deny it. He is fairly good with a quarterstaff too.



Flinn has been close friends with Olivia since they were Dibbuns, and as they grew older they fell in love. But when Flinn was outlawed from Castle Floret, Olivia was upset, feeling betrayed, thinking he had actually done something bad, when he was actually outlawed wrongly. He didn't realize she was angry with him, and couldn't understand what was wrong when he met her again but wouldn't talk to him. Once she told him, though, he explained that he had been wrongly accused, and she apologized and forgave him.


  • He is named after Errol Flynn. :}
  • He is also based on Robin Hood, hence the name...