Flinn is a solitary wanderer, traveling the world in search of new and interesting stories, poems, and riddles to collect and share. While she is acquainted with many beasts, Flinn's first true friend and current traveling companion is the dibbun mole Tumbley.


Flinn has short sable colored fur.  She wears a brown dress, with a black vest, and a camouflage painted cloak.


Flinn has two sides to her personality. She tends to be terse and blunt with most creatures, but can be very gentle and sympathetic toward dibbuns.  At a young age, her parents were both killed by foxes.  Since that time, she has avoided living with or forming ties to any family groups, tribes, or companions. She enjoys festive occasions, and story-telling opportunities, but never stays for long among other creatures.  While she is rough around other adult creatures, Flinn shows a sweeter maternal side around dibbuns, and often finds herself correcting or instructing young ones. She is guarded and private around most creatures, but opens up and relaxes around the dibbun mole Tumbley, in whom she sees a care-free positive spirit and a fellow orphan trying to get by and survive on his own in the world.

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