Errol was the Abbey Warrior, father of Hiccup, adoptive brother to Spikelout, and husband of Matilda.


Though he is an amazing fighter, Errol has never been very good at thinking before acting. He usually prefers to just charge into a battle or quest without planning too much, figuring it will be all right in the end anyway.


Eight seasons before the main events of Defenders of Redwall, he left with a few other creatures to bring back the Sword of Martin, which had been stolen, but he never returned.


  • He is named after Errol Flynn, who played Rob in a Robin Hood movie that I really like. :)
  • Errol leaving little Hiccup behind to go on a quest, never returning, and Hiccup going off to find him, is similar to what happened with Martin and Luke. And I seriously didn't even mean to do that. O.o