Lord Derek Grimskull is a wolf and the main villain of Hero's Destiny. He is the older brother of Warg.


Derek is an average size for his species, with gray fur, except for the white on his throat, and brown eyes. He wears a long-sleeve white tunic under a green lizard skin one. He has arm guards, which are leather reinforced with metal, spiked shoulder pads, and shin guards which match them. His pants are dark purple, with black boots, and he wears a gold belt buckle with the Grimskull crest on it.


Derek is extremely manipulative and smart, so no matter what you try to do to him, he will (almost) always find a way to use it to his own advantage, or counteract it. He is calm and laid back most of the time, with a neutral, unreadable expression on his face, though sometimes he will give an occasianal small smile or frown. He does not care about the lives of his men at all, saying that they are expendable, and he always has more anyway.



Warg will usually do what Derek tells him, even if he doesn't understand or want to, because Warg knows his brother is smarter than him.


  • Derek is based on Viggo Grimborn. (Which is why he freaks me out. DX)
  • He is kinda named after Derek Dilts. XD