Calypso is a large blue sea dragon who will appear in Hero's Destiny.


Calypso is a beautiful, long, slender serpent-like dragon, with two wings, each with a golden claw, four slender legs, and a long neck with golden eye ridges and nostrils. She is a vibrant blue all over, except for her light blue-green underside, fins, and gold claws and horns. She has a long, strong tail with a large double fin. Her eyes are golden-yellow, and she is quite large, being a sea dragon. She also has three glow in the dark spots under each eye, helping her sight in the dark.


As a sea dragon, she has gills and can stay underwater like a fish, and her nostrils seal up when she does this. She has acid she fires from her mouth, and can even collect lightning and redirect it sometimes. Her blood is acidic.



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